Professional Services Marketing 3.0, by Bruce W. Marcus

Its evolution, its future, and how to thrive with it.

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With a Foreword by Bruce MacEwen (Adam Smith Esq.) and an Introduction by Michelle Golden (Golden Practices Inc.)

Bruce W. Marcus


Bruce Marcus has been a mentor since I began following his writings in 1990. In Professional Services Marketing 3.0, Bruce takes us on a remarkable journey from Marketing 1.0 to 3.0, dissecting all the concomitant changes taking place in the marketplace. Like a master cartographer, he maps out the forces of Marketing 3.0 that will change the professions—most importantly, from being practice-centric to becoming client-centric. Because the purpose of any enterprise is to create a customer, marketing and innovation are the only functions that matter, as they create results, whereas all the rest are merely costs. Read this brilliant work to learn how to perform both of these functions more effectively in an environment dominated by creative change.

Ron Baker,
Founder, VeraSage Institute,
author of Implementing Value Pricing:
A Radical Business Model for Professional Firms

Bruce has always been on the nose of the ship – peering into the future and guiding firms’ growth strategies. He does it again, with profound insights in Professional Services Marketing 3.0. This book is a gem!

Gale Crosley,
CPA, Crosley+Company

Bruce Marcus transcends our imagination by revealing the elements that will define the future of professional service firm marketing and then offers a navigational tool that illuminates the road ahead. He does this after laying a foundation that explains where we are now and why. This brilliant work will become the manual for individual professionals as well as firm leaders and marketing professionals.

Gerry Riskin, B. Com, LLB, P. Admin,
former Managing Partner
and cofounder of the global consultancy Edge International.


Throughout his extraordinary career, Bruce Marcus has been teaching us to grasp the fundamental unchanging truths of professional marketing even as we respond to the inevitable changes and challenges that expanding marketplaces dictate. Professional Services Marketing 3.0 is a wise study of where we are now, how we got here, and where we need to go next. Here, simply, is the voice of a master.

Richard S. Levick, Esq.,
President & CEO,
Levick Strategies

Bruce provides hope for change. In his view, the new world of professional services marketing—3.0—is one where marketing is integrated into the practice, and where practitioners work in partnership with professional marketers. In his book, Bruce presents examples of forward-thinking firms, and insights into where the future might lead. With Professional Services Marketing 3.0, Bruce reminds us that he “got it” long before “it” even got here.

Sally J. Schmidt,
Schmidt Marketing, Inc.

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About Bruce W. Marcus

Bruce W. Marcus is a pioneer in the modern practices of professional services marketing.

In 1951 (with a degree in Economics and Philosophy), he joined the then-Big Eight accounting firm, Peat Marwick Mitchell to establish the firm’s library, where he developed an article writing and seminar program that successfully promoted the firm’s reputation. He has served as a public relations and marketing executive or consultant to most of the international accounting firms, and many large and small law firms.

His book, Competing For Clients (1986) was one of the first to delineate the new practices of professional services marketing, followed by more than a dozen books on professional services marketing, real estate marketing, investor relations, and international accounting standards.

His first newsletter, The Marcus Report (1986), was followed by the award-winning in 1995 — one of the longest running letters on marketing for lawyers and accountants. He is on the editorial boards of several leading professional services publications, a contributor to many publications, and has been a keynote speaker at major conferences. He taught one of the first courses in professional services marketing at the Fordham University Graduate School of Business, and lectures frequently at the Fordham University Law School.


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