Our goal at BSG LLC is to provide you with the actionable intelligence, information and insight, and products and services most relevant to your professional, business or career needs.

We choose carefully with whom we do business. Our associates and affiliates, with whom we may share referrals and fees, adhere to the highest standards of competence and integrity. If you find anything less than the best among our associates or affiliates, please contact us immediately.

We want you to be able to customize or update your preferences at anytime, or to opt-out completely if wish to do so. Occasionally BSG will ask for personal information so that we and/or our partners can send you specially selected offers we think might be of interest to you. If for some reason our privacy policy changes, we will inform you of the change so that you can then choose to opt out. Some of this proprietary information may be restricted to paid clients only, or may require registration and password protection.

The only personally identifiable information we collect about you is that which you choose to share with us or our business partners. We will always tell you up front what we’re going to do with your responses, and we will always give you a chance to say “no thanks.”

Aggregate demographic information about our visitors and clients can be valuable to other professionals like yourself, because it provides some important, yet anonymous, information about professional issues, business trends and potential clients. So, we also collect aggregate statistics like unique visits, repeat visits and page views based on IP addresses, which are not associated with personal information. We may share aggregate information with our partners, but not your personally identifiable information, unless you chose to allow it.

BSG may use cookies to speed up the login process for you at various points on the site. When you register with BSG, we may assign a unique user ID to you, and we may place a cookie on your computer that will remind our system of that user ID in other areas of the site, or the next time you visit the site. This cookie allows you to access all of the restricted areas of the site without having to logon multiple times.

This policy statement covers BSG LLC’s treatment of personally identifiable information we collect when you are on the BSG web site and when you use our services. This policy also covers our treatment of any personally identifiable information our business partners share with us. This policy does not apply to the practices of companies BSG does not own or control, or to individuals BSG does not employ or manage, including operators of sites to which you may link from BSG web sites.